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Fan Classifieds
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fan_classifieds is a community meant to collect fan-based advertisements from role-players of all kinds so that you can find role-play for that specific fan-related craving. This community accepts all types of fan RP ads or requests--from japanese anime, to movies, to TV series, to comic books, to novels.
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There are a lot of player advertisement communities out there, but I found most of the popular ones revolved around original RP. Now original RP is all well and good, but I know many people like to RP fanworks and don't really know where to look for it. That's why this was created.
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There are no specific rules to follow, really. Just please be courteous. Do not flame somebody's ad or request just because you don't like the same thing they do. This community is meant to be a safe haven where everyone can express their interests.

You may feel free to either post a player ad, a request for something specific, or even plug in your own FANDOM based RP community here. Just please be sure it is fandom based, and do not hound people to join. One plug and that's it.

You do not need to follow it strictly, but here is a sample player ad guideline.
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The moderator here is innate. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or suggestions. Don't be shy.
Credit for the layout goes to georgemydear. Headers and icon by innate.